Wednesday, 19 October 2016


"I am making things with heads! I have 2 heads!"

That is what I was told and that is what she made!

Little "E" has the concept of recognising a quantity at a glance. This is an important mathematical concept to understand. You don't want to be counting everything all the time. You want to recognise a quantity by sight. Making an estimate for larger groups and recognising small quantities with just a glance. One fun way to help children with this is to use dice. Very quickly we have all learnt to recognise the spots on a dice with just one look. The way the spots are positioned is a very important part of this but also we learn to see a quantity and know its value through repetition of this experience.

It is a good skill to observe and practice of with the children in your care!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Mathematical 


Maths is everywhere! It is all to easy to think that we need to set up mathematical areas and activities but the most valuable learning takes place in a more natural, daily way. I have been making more of a point of noticing these opportunities as they happen and supporting those moments appropriately.

One of these moments happened on a day trip to a local river for a play. While we stopped for our lunch, little "M" counted each of her pieces of satsuma before eating one.  Then she counted again. I took this opportunity to make a mental observation of where her counting was at while joining in the game and showing how much fun i was having watching her count. 

I noticed her counting seems to have regressed a little so we are going to work on this area. 
I used phrases like "1 less" and "we now have fewer"  to show that we were subtracting them as she ate each piece. When we counted again I would count with her to support her with the numbers that she was missing out. By the end of it she had started to include some of the missing numbers again herself. 

By counting each segment one at a time and pointing to it, we reinforced her understanding of numbers having a meaning and representing quantity.

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Mathematical 

Thursday, 6 October 2016


This was a snapshot from out Autumn walk last week. A group of toddlers and pre schoolers all carrying bags and collecting treasures! That's not the photo i am sharing with you though......

This is!

 The reason I am sharing this is because a 4 year old girl suddenly pointed to the road and said "That's where the motorbikes drive!" She then followed it up buy pointing to the rest of the road and saying it was for cars. It took me a moment to see what she was seeing...... but there it is. A fixed bit of tarmac running down the middle, just  big enough for motorbikes!

Just for a second, I was transported in to the mind of the 4 year old! Bikes don't need the whole road. They have their own road!

It is moments like this that I remember how much we take for granted and how much we just don't see anymore. Walking with children lets you see the world through new eyes again.

That never gets boring!!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding the World

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Tomorrow we plan on having a fun filled Pokemon day. We have quite a collection of Pokemon themed toys (although we have recently downsized the collection) so managed to put together several fun activities.

The first is a battle game that we picked up at a car boot sale. 

I plan on adding water to this in the morning. Some water type Pokemon in a water tray seemed like a fun way cool off on a warm day!

The little ones can enjoy some colour sorting with a Pokemon twist!

My eldest son has set up a small world scene using fabric, part of the farm set and playmobil!

I filled a basket with Poke-balls. They will be great for hiding Pokemon in or other small toys!

We have several of these collectible disks. I thought it might be nice to use them for building towers. I need to come up with a game for stacking these...... watch this space!

We also have a lot of magnets and little cardboard character disks. I used a magnetic grid board to put with them. I would like to see how the children use this. I am thinking sorting and organising. Maybe counting? I could add some magnetic numbers to this and extend the learning.

We also have this little play set which I thought was cute. Like Polly pocket but Pokemon!

I am really excited to see how the children enjoy everything. I am going set up some crafts and I have some print outs. I will share more abut these tomorrow!
I hope this gives you some ideas for your own Pokemon day. See what you have at home or grab some bits cheap from a local car boot sale! Have fun!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


A few months a go I made this placemats for each of the children in my setting. I asked families for photos of friends, family and pets. I also filled in little gaps with their interests. Such as My little ponies and Paw Patrol! 

You will need:
  • Photos of family, friends and interests.
  • White card
  • A printer 
  • Laminator and pouches

Use a program such as word or powerpoint to make an A4 sized mat by adding the photos and adjusting the size of them until you have a pleasing arrangement. Use a text box to add the child's name in a clear, child friendly font. 
Print out on to card or thick photo paper and then laminate.

These make great talking points over meals and really help to extend the children's language and communication skills. It gives them the opportunity to talk about family, pets and things that have meaning to them. They start to talk about things that happen at home and share stories over dinner.

As long as the mats are not left in water and only wiped over with a damp cloth, then they last quite a long time with daily use. We have been using these for 3 months so far!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I thought I would share some planning for the Olympic games which start next week!
Feel free to share on your blogs (please link back to this post) and use in your own settings x


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