Monday, 7 June 2010

Better late than never!

Well, we finally have the Veg bed set up. Bit late in the season I know but I still feel we should get a good crop of lovely fruit and veg!

The children I look after and my own boys have been enjoying planting seeds over the past few weeks and tending to them. Brendan is more of the natural gardener than Kenzie, but Kenzie wants to be just like his big brother so is giving it a good go.

This afternoon while I planted out some of the seedlings and fruit bushes, Kenzie enjoyed digging in the mud. He collected pebbles in a bucket and used my new big spade to dig holes in the ground to bury his treasures!

We made a cover for the veg patch together. He cut the string and I bound the canes together to make the frame for the netting. Then we hammered some hooks in to the raised bed to hook the netting on.

We decided to try out the effectiveness of our "Chicken proofing!" and let out the girls.

Gertrude, brave as ever headed straight for my flower bed and thankfully ignored the veg bed. But she did enjoy having a good scratch around the flowers, despite my complaints and removing of her. A bit later she re appeared with slugs stuck to her beak looking very pleased with herself and promptly hopped on the table to get at a pot of lettuces that Brendan is growing. Cheeky girl!

Matilda Scratched at the top of the garden for a while and behaved much better but did get a bit brave and took advantage of a lettuce leaf that was growing a bit too close to the netting.....

All in all I would say our veg bed "Chicken proofing" has been a success...... shame the rest of the garden is not so lucky! I am really looking forward to enjoying some of the fruits of our hard work!!

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