Friday, 4 June 2010

School holiday fun. Day 3!

Loving the weather we have today!! Woke up to clear blue sky with not a cloud in site!

First job of the morning (after letting the chickens out) was to fill the paddling pool up. It's just a very small plastic sandpit but it does the job. I fished around in the play house for the water toys...... which to my horror i found in what looked to be an old MUD PIE!!! (grrrr Kenzie and his new fad!) and proceeded to cream up 3 children who just wanted to get out side and could really not see the need for Sun tan lotion. (or sunshine lotion as Kenzie has re-named it)

I'm very glad i did persist with the lotion as despite finding swim outfits for all of them .... within and hour not one of them was wearing anything and i had 3 little bottoms running wild in the garden! Oh to be small and not care!!

The afternoon sun became too much for us and we headed in for some puzzles and Lego building. Brendan spent most of this afternoon and evening building a new creation with the Lego set he earned with his stickers from school! Hoping the next prize will be as a good an incentive for him..... yet to decided what that prize will be. Good enough that he feels it's worth working for but not so good it costs me a small fortune!

This evening my Veg bed was built! It looks lovely and i can't wait till i can get out there tomorrow and plant up some veg. we have pots and pots of veg and fruit waiting to go in. I feel another Garden Center trip coming on this weekend. I need to buy canes and netting and make the veg bed Chicken proof... and child proof for that mater as pretty flowering plants are too much of a "picking" temptation for my lot.

Really hoping tomorrow will be just as lovely. Summer has arrived and it would be great if it hung around in the UK for more than a week or two this year!

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