Saturday, 26 June 2010


Another scorcher of a day in Oxfordshire and the boys decided to play with the chickens and enjoy the sunshine! Little did the chickens know, they were about to be treated to a freshly prepared salad!

 I gave them some slightly over ripe Lettuces but that was not enough for  our Chickens! Brendan asked for some corn and made his brother get off his tree stump so he could use it as a plate! I returned with a pot of corn for them and a little bit of fresh Basil.......  The chefs got to work!

Brendan decided we needed more treats so I showed the boys the weeds in the veg patch and asked if they wanted to help me weed it and they could feed them to the chickens..... They loved this idea and got very involved in picking out all the little weeds from the veg bed......... I shall have to remember this for future weeding!

Eventually the chickens had a wonderful salad created for them lay out on a tree stump.... the best way to serve a salad it would seem! Two very happy boys and two very happy and full chickens!!

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