Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Today we spruced up the home corner a little bit and made it a bit more inviting! As a result everyone has enjoyed playing in that little area and I have had many meals and cups of Tea made for me!! I am also looking forward to the postman bringing me some lovely felt fruit and veg which I ordered off EBay today. I'm sure I could learn to make my own and I love to see the children playing with things i have made for them, but I am not very good at needle work and have not been brave enough to try yet!

Kenzie had lots of fun chopping our wooden fruit and bread!

Scooping some butter in to my Tea..... not sure why... that's not how he does it when he helps me make a real cuppa!

Time to cook some pasta! I find Macaroni is just the right size for little fingers and little spoons!

Using a ladle to put pasta in the pan. Great hand eye coordination practice and simple maths as we talked about quantities. "Did he need more or less?"

Brendan came to join us and tried some weighing with the scales. He placed one of each item in to the buckets to keep them balanced. He then added some pasta. This was harder to keep them level and took a bit more thought!

Little bit at a time!

I love to watch my boys work things out and explore new concepts while playing, without them even realising they are learning!

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