Tuesday, 22 June 2010


We enjoyed an afternoon of junk modeling yesterday! We had no idea what we were going to make and I wanted Kenzie to be totally in control of his creation so I asked him to go to the junk box and choose his materials.

He told me we were going to make a helicopter and asked me to sellotape two pieces together. 
I could not see how this was ever going to be a helicopter but I did as I was told.... we ended up with a house shape and Kenzie suddenly announced it was going to be a house!! I said it looked like a green house and we talked about how green houses are not "green" but made of glass. We talked about how they kept plants warm and helped them to grow. That inspired Kenzie to add vines to his house by using some green silk threads. Then he needed some grapes so we used some purple Plasticine and he rolled them in to balls and taped them on the vines. He went on to add flower stickers and a sticker of a bird and a cat! 

This Greenhouse was coming on along nicely when we found some raffia!! I asked if he wanted to put some inside the house and he did. He asked what this was and I said it looked like straw.... like we have in the chicken coop.....
"It's a CHICKEN HOUSE mummy!!!!"
Our Green house was now a chicken house and I made a mad dash to the art cupboard to get some plastic eggs left over from Easter! Then we needed a chicken! I found a small plastic one but this was not going to cut it! So I made a trip to the loft to find a soft rooster that I had put in the "car boot box!" in a vain attempt to clear out some toys!

Our creation was complete!!! The Helicopter... Greenhouse... Chicken house was completed and decorated beautifully!! His imagination had made many twists and turns during our junk modeling and he had learnt a few new things he didn't know before. We had spent some lovely time together and have a chicken house to play with..... and probably the first rooster in history who lays eggs!!!

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