Sunday, 20 June 2010


Well after a bit of thinking I have decided to try and make as many of my play resources as "open ended" as possible! I am also trying to go for as Natural as possible too. I have found some lovely websites with some beautiful wooden toys, but the price's are a little high. 
Inspiration hit me while in a pet shop this weekend!! Hamster toys!! There is a lovely range of pet products which use natural materials, wicker, grasses, loofahs, coconuts and all much cheaper than the toys i had been looking at! I also found some more drift wood in the Aquatics isle!! 
So after a little shopping spree in the pet shop I managed to come home with enough natural materials to create a nice little play scene for the kids to explore tomorrow!! I am really looking forward to seeing what they think of it and what they choose to do with it!

Update tomorrow!!

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