Wednesday, 23 June 2010


After watching some You Tube videos on this craft, I thought I would give it a go myself. It also looked easy enough for the boys to try..... So I went on EBay and ordered a kit, which arrived this afternoon!
I thought i might make a chicken as everything this week seems to be a bit chicken focused! It didn't look very chicken like though but it did look like quite a good bird, for a first attempt! What do you think?

Brendan decided he wanted to make a Teddy and took himself off with my kit to the play room. About half hour later he returned with this......

I helped him shape a head and he attached it! (we did go through a few needles and i suspect I will need to order some more before we run out!)

He worked really hard and wanted to do as much as he could himself! He made his fingers bleed a couple of times but carried on bless him! We now have a little Bear which has been taken to bed with him! I am so proud of him!

Even Kenzie gave it a go and made a little red bird. He did need a little bit more help and I used a wooden stick to hold the wool while he stabbed it....... I value my fingers to much to try without! He is such a clever little boy!

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