Thursday, 17 June 2010

An Ocean in the Playroom!

Thought I would share a fantastic moment the children and I shared yesterday! I think it's a lovely example of using open ended resources and child led play.

Kenzie and I have been making a number line and decided to finish it off yesterday. We lay out a big sheet of paper so we didn't get pen on the floor and finished decorating the numbers. Once we had finished another child in my care (we will call "C" ) started to colour the sheet with a blue crayon. Another child in my care (we will call "E") was lay on the floor close by with a small piece of drift wood, plastic sea creatures and some little wooden people. He used the drift wood to make a bridge and swam the creatures under it whist sitting the people on the log (They had to stay safe from the sharks!)
I asked if they wanted to colour the whole of the paper blue and we could use it as the
Sea! and everyone grabbed a blue crayon and frantically coloured away till all our paper was blue. I suddenly remembered the Sea Creature stickers I had found in the art cupboard earlier that afternoon, so lay them out and the children excitedly filled their sea with the stickers. We had Turtles, Sharks, Octopus, fish and dolphins!!
"E" brought his drift wood over and lay it on the paper and again started to swim the sharks under it and line the people on the top. All 3 children wanted to join in and Kenzie decided we needed some boats to keep everyone safe! I asked if they would like to look in the junk box and see what would make a good boat. They all came back with shallow plastic food trays and started to put people and animals in the boats. "C" told me we needed sails on the boats so off I whizzed to get some address labels and stickers, a couple of sticks left over from another art activity and some Plasticine. The children all decorated their sails and I wrapped them round the sticks. They rolled up balls of Plasticine and stuck them in the center of their boats, then stuck the masts and sail in the middle!

 Suddenly we had a full Ocean adventure going on in the playroom, totally spontaneous and only using bits and bobs we had lying about! It was so lovely to see their creativity and imaginations at work and bringing their individual activities together to make one experience that was shared by all! When The other children's parents arrived to collect them, they were pulled in to the playroom with excited "come see the boats" and "look at our sea"!!

Each child filled their boats with different things "E" put a man and a pig in his, "C" put a lady in hers and lots of stickers and Kenzie filled his Sea creatures!!

I look forward to many more play days like this!!

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