Wednesday, 30 June 2010


This morning "E" decided to change our Nature Table display. He has enjoyed exploring some Playscapes this week and helped me to create a lovely Duck Pond complete with Ducks, drift wood, a riverbank and even some Chickens and a Rabbit sat there watching the Ducks float about!

He has been very keen to show everyone who has come to the house, all his hard work. He takes them by the hand and says "Come see Duck pond!"
The Postman arrived at lunch with a Little packet. It was the wooden person with 2 ducks and a chicken that I won on EBay last week. What perfect timing!
"E" helped me open the packet and took the Ducks strait to the pond and put them in the water, telling me they were swimming!

 We added the musical Frogs as another dimention to the table. something to make a noise when played! They are so easy to use and the little ones love to hear them croak!

I love his enthusiasm and imagination. He has been able to really absorb himself in this new "Toy" today. Even after his sleep, he went strait to his Duck Pond and carried on where he had left everything.

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