Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sandpit fun!

After all the fun the boys and I had in the sandpit at Thomley hall, i decided to get the boys some sand! We have had it every summer but this year i didn't get any. Mainly because of the arguments it always causes.

I decided that maybe 2 smaller trays with sand in, were better than a big sandpit and so trawled the garden center for something suitable. I came home with 2 large cat litter trays and a big planter tray to put them on (vain attempt to contain the sand a bit). I also came home with some new bucket and spade sets!

This little trip to the garden center resulted in 2 very happy boys and a quiet afternoon while they dug, made tunnels, castles and pies!! I gave them some little glass nuggets to bury and use as Treasure! Brendan used some to decorate his castle!

Kenzie wanted something different in his sand so i found him a pack of BIG bugs!! He loved hiding them in the sand and digging them back up again!

I'm sure this will be popular for many weeks to come and I'm sure the children I look after will enjoy hunting for treasure and bugs as well!!

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