Tuesday, 1 June 2010

School holiday fun!! Day 1

Well, it's been the first day of the school holiday and it rained! The boys had a late night last night and slept in. Typically Lee and I had to be up for work so could not benefit from their lazy morning. I only had one extra child with me today so it's been quite a peaceful day and not too full on.

I thought it would be nice to let Gertrude and Matilda free range round the garden and enjoy all the snails and slugs that the rain brought out...... they had other ideas though and have eaten half of all my newly growing lettuces in my pot. I had to raise them up and put them out of reach. The cheeky little things...... I will have very funny looking lettuces when they finish growing.

The boys and i enjoyed an art project today. We made stain glassed windows to put in the playroom. This was a huge hit and enjoyed by everyone. myself included! Easy enough for my "extra" little one to do as well. We took laminator Pouches and filled them with tissue paper, torn up and lay out in "Abstract art" style or more traditional pictures! Once we finished our pictures we ran the pouch through the laminator and there you have it! a lovely stained glass window! They look so bright and cheerful on the window of the Playroom and will look even better when the sun decides to return!

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