Wednesday, 2 June 2010

School holiday fun Day 2. Thomley Hall!!

Today we visited our favourite play place! The local special needs play center! This place is pure heaven, for parents and children!

As a parent I can meet other parents of children with disabilities and laugh at the things we would otherwise stress over. It's lovely to know you are not alone and also to be able to relax and give the children some freedom. I don't have to worry when Brendan makes a "social boo boo!" because people understand. i don't find the need to or feeling like i should "Explaine" him to anyone!!

He loves it there because "he is FREE!" (his words not mine). he doesn't find himself being targeted by children who do not understand him and his ways. Most of the time, when we visit a soft play center he ends up in a fight with a group of other children. usually because he has just jumped in on their game and they are probably thinking "who are you and why are you talking to me?" His lack of understanding of social rules and acceptable behaviour can make him stand out and the other children can find his "in their face" approach too much. We have none of this at Thomley Hall. because all the children there have their own "difficulties" or are the siblings of a child with "difficulties"........ everyone seems to be far more understanding and tolerant....... I often wish the whole world was a big Thomley Hall!!

Today the new sandpit was open. a lovely big area covered by a wooden structure filled with wonderful soft play sand! My boys built mountains with some other children, turning them in to volcanoes or drilling tunnels in the basses to drive cars and trains through. Some mountains had dinosaurs living on them!

Brendan spent a good 4 hours solid in there and didn't even notice lunch time had been and gone. I had feed the other children their picnics and asked if he was hungry, but he was so engrossed in his play that he didn't stop until he bumped an old graze and got sand in it, at which point he ran off to wash it out!!

Today was a Sand day!!

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