Saturday, 26 June 2010


This week the children and i have been very busy Junk modeling! I think its a lovely way for children to develop their imaginations and build their ideas in to a real life thing. The process of developing your ideas and problem solving as you go is something we all use in everyday life and i have noticed the children thinking in a very different way while Junk modeling!

On this particular day we made houses! Everyone got to choose a box from the junk box and I covered each box in white labels to give a neutral background for the children to decorate as they wished! Each child asked for a door so i cut a door in each box and then let them decided how their house should look. We talked about features of a house, doors, chimneys, windows, roofs etc...

It was lovely watching the children decide how many windows their houses needed and where they should go. Some houses were tall and were given several floors and therefore lots of windows. Others were very small houses with just a few windows. The children all referred to memories of houses they knew.
"My house has a red door!" and "My house has lots of windows!"
Kenzie wanted his house to be a Blue house and decided to find as many blue pens and crayons to decorate his box. One of the little girls I look after (we will call her C) said she needed lots of flowers growing round her House so I handed her a bag of flower stickers. She spent ages carefully pealing off the backs of each sticker and placing them on her box! Great practice for her fine motor skills!!

After making our houses Kenzie said we needed some people to live in the houses. The girls both agreed, so we rummaged in the art cupboard and found some stickers, lolly pop sticks and also some felt clothes for peg dolls! We set about making some people. I drew faces on each one and they stuck them together!
Kenzie decided he was having a Chef and a Pirate so I had to draw a patch for one of their eyes!
We found some Plasticine and stuck it to the bottom of each little person so they would be able to stand up! 
"C" decided her girl needed bedding so went to the junk box and filled her house with some fluff she found!
We added some pets to our houses. Kenzie found a bird sticker and put it on the roof
"cos that's where birds sit!"
 And here is our finished Town!! So many different styles and ideas all put together to make a lovely scene. They played with these houses and people for most of the day!
 I hope we have inspired you to collect some junk yourselves and enjoy some building! It's a lovely peaceful activity and perfect for a rainy day ....... or even a very hot day. We did ours when the sun was too hot to be out for very long! 
Happy junk Modeling!!

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