Monday, 26 July 2010


After a little inspiration from Joyful Learner we decided to get a little more creative with our blocks.
Most of the time the children build simple towers or make pens for zoo animals. It's a great sorting game and "E"'s Fave game to play at Pips!
We started off with some simple structures using our blocks, Kenzie built a tower with a ramp for his car!

I thought it would be nice to make a bridge for his car so i started and then "E" and Kenzie joined in. "E" had the Fabby idea of adding some Sea creatures and water so we gathered all the blue bricks to make water under our bridge!

The boys enjoyed driving cars over the bridge and putting people and animals on it!

Then we made a dinning table for the hungry people!

"E" decided some of his animals needed dinner too!

After a while we got the natural blocks out and built a tower. I found a Dragon and said that maybe he could live in the bit that looked like a cave at the bottom! The boys loved this idea and soon found a Damsel who was trapped at the top of the tower and a "Robin Hood" Knight to come save her!

Brendan decided to get in on the action and the whole game took a very different twist! The little man you can see him playing with is a "Clock man" because he has a clock in his hand..... he flys the "Clockmobile" that you can see him sat in...... he came to save the princess and fly her off through "Time"...... I asked if this was like Dr Who but was told firmly it was not!

Here you can see the Princess safe in the Clockmobile!

And here she is being flown to safety through space and time!! She ended up in the garden being rained on!
It was really lovely to watch the play change and develop as each child put in their own ideas!
Thanks to Joyful Learner for the fun ideas!!


  1. I don't have a blog myself but i find what you do so inspirational, your a natural. Well done on all your wonderful activities, it's a pleasure to look at what you achieve on a daily basis. xx

    1. Thank you Angie. That's very kind of you to say. I do love my job and I love to offer resources and see how the children engage with them. They have such wonderful imaginations!


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