Sunday, 4 July 2010


Thought i would share a lovely summers evening activity with you! Both my boys love painting but it is usually the heavy/ ready mixed type paints, which when used, are hard to get any texture or tone to your pictures.
A couple of years ago my Brother and Sister-in-law bought me a watercolour set and as yet I have not managed to find a time to go and try it out. But I decided to see what the boys thought of a spot of painting outside, and took them up to the Green in the village to give it a go!

I took some chunky watercolour pencils with me as well as I wasn't sure how Kenzie would take to the paints. He gave everything a go and got really in to it! He spent a lot of time mixing colours in his little pallet and then getting very excited when he painted them on to his paper!

Brendan was a little less keen on this activity. I thought he would really like it as he is a very arty child. I wonder if it was a little to do with him associating the Green with meeting his friends and playing in the woody areas round the outside. He took himself off and wanted nothing to do with the painting.... until he saw how much Kenzie and I were enjoying ourselves and then decided he might just give it a little go after all!

Once he started he LOVED it and his whole mood changed. He tried using watery paint and a big brush to lay a colour wash for his back ground and then noticed clouds in the sky, so added a few of them too!

He painted a tree with him and his friend Ashley, sat under it together, then added some real grass for texture and effect!

It was a lovely evening and I'm so pleased both the boys enjoyed it.... in the end!!

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