Thursday, 8 July 2010


After a Fabby visit to our local scrap store, and picking up some wonderful and unusual scrap items, I placed some of our new items in the playroom and thought about what we could do with them.
Kenzie found the maps and asked if we could look at them. He brought them in to the living room and we spread them out on the floor. We had a street map of central London and some maps of parts of Australia.

After spreading them out, the other children all gathered around to see what we had. We pointed out the different areas shown. Beaches, Oceans, rivers and lakes! The new vocabulary we introduced was lovely! They all enjoyed finding the different parts of the map that I asked for. We turned over the maps to find some smaller street maps and these were great to look at.

Kenzie pointed out hospitals and caravan parks. We found railway lines and followed them with our fingers.
 The game of "Who can find......?" continued and we looked for Motels, churches, camp sites and picnic areas.

 All the children were totally absorbed in this activity and it was a chance to touch on a bit of Geography, which in truth I haven't actually done much on. (been meaning on making some land forms with them)

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