Thursday, 8 July 2010


Today i made my first felted play scape for the kids! I saw a couple of tutorials on You Tube and though "how hard can it be?"
Not very is the answer..... I was amazed at how easy it is and how effective the fine details look!

As soon as I had laid the wool out on the felt base, Kenzie appeared next to me and asked to help me. I always find I am taking my life in to my own hands when I hand him the felting needle! He has a habit of waiving it about when he chats and nearly took my eye out on several occasions...... we had little chats about the safety issues involved in felting lol!!

I found the stabbing of the wool very therapeutic!

I am waiting on some eyelash yarn to put round the edge of the pond to look like grasses but even without that, i think it's turned out quite nicely!!

I lay it out in the playroom with some toys and really hope it is discovered in the morning!! I am now thinking of all the variations on this I could make. maybe a desert one for the wooden Camels we have?!
All ideas welcomed!!

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