Sunday, 25 July 2010


I am very lucky to live in a little village that has a HUGE car boot sale every other Sunday throughout the summer! It's something we all look forward to and gets us out for a walk on a Sunday morning!

Since trying to ditch more of the Character /plastic toy,s and move towards natural and more open ended play items i have found the car boot a great place to gather some goodies! All at a reasonable price too!

I have found wooden animals (as much as i would love to buy the Ostheimer figures i just can't afford to buy lots in one go!) shells, stones and other natural treasures! I thought i would share with you some of the  little gems i came home with today!

This is the old style tea pot and bits that i was after for the home corner. I got the whole lot for £5 which i thought was great! Kenzie has already enjoyed making me some cups of tea! I think its much nicer to have some real items and not just plastic tea sets!

My new Geometric shapes for making cool patterns! I got a big bag full for 50p and poured them in to a nice basket i got from a charity shop a couple of weeks ago!

Like I said, I do like to get my wooden animals from the Booty...... this was a real find, which I can't take credit for.... a Hippo who is enjoying a swim in my felted playscape! The mushroom was also a find as i am after some wooden mushrooms but haven't seen any about! £1.50 for both!!

I know this is not in my "ditch the plastic" ethos, but Kenzie fell in love with it! It tells him the time when he moves the hands and then presses a button. I thought it was good as he is asking me what the time is an awful lot at the mo. This is something that will hopefully help him learn about time when i can not be sat with him! And at only £1... well i can't really go too wrong!

So there are my bargains for the week! I am quite pleased with what we got and a such a low cost too! Would love to hear where everyone gets their bargains!

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