Monday, 12 July 2010


This evening the boys asked to toast marshmallows. One of their Fave things to do. They enjoy the thrill of fire and the Marshmallowy treats!
We worked together to build the wood up in the Chimnea, talking about how we had to build up the kindeling so that the fire will start to burn. They asked why they could not put the marshmallows in to the flames to toast them. I explained that we just needed a warm glow for toasting and would have to wait until the flames died down or they would scorch the  Marshmallows and they would not taste good.

The boys sat together talking about the things around them that would burn if they put them in the fire and things that would not. After a while they decided to pick some Blueberries and Blackberries while they waited for the fire to die down a little. This next picture is Kenzie sitting on the stump with a bowl of Berries!

Kenzie even shared his berries with the dog. Kane loves berries!

Sit Puppy!!

After a while we were good to go and the Toasting began.!

Brendan tried it our first, but it was a little over cooked.... so he gave it to Daddy!! (hehe)

You can see his disappointment at it being "TOO BROWN MUMMY!"

Kenzie was not keen on me showing him what to do as he is very independent, but i think the fear of over cooking it meant that he was a little more receptive to my advice of NOT holding it IN the flames and to keep it turning till it just starts to change colour!

Then it was Mummy's turn to have a go!
(note we are all in PJ's! lol)

Even Kane tried to get a bit closer to the action...... watch your Marshmallow! 

All in all we had a lovely evening Toasting our Marshmallows before bed!

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