Tuesday, 13 July 2010

MONTESSORI MOMMENTS! Making our own small movable alphabet!

Being a bit of a penny pincher, I find it hard to justify paying the prices for proper Montessori materials.
So decided I needed to make my own Movable Alphabet with blue letters and red vowels!
I had a general Google search for lower case wooden letters and found 2 packs on EBay (less than £10 for 2 packs and postage) each pack came with extra vowels and high frequency letters!

Kenzie and I sat down after lunch to paint our letters. We used an acrylic gloss craft paint. This worked fine and was great as Kenzie could be involved but I wonder if spraying the letters might have given a crisper finish? I used an old plastic food tray to dry the letters in and did them in several batches. I gave some a second coat of paint if needed.

After we let them dry we looked at our "at" words. I have read in several places that we should start with these..... not sure whats the next step after mastering "at" words.... anyone able to advise me on this? Would be most grateful!

I decided to draw out some simple pictures with the words next to them so Kenzie could lay the letters over the top to spell the words. He wasn't grasping the concept very easily and this helped. He is a very visual learner! By the end of about 10mins play he had learnt to recognise several new letters. He only really recognizes "K" for Kenzie, "M" for Mummy etc... Now he can recognise b,h,n,s as well!

He really seemed to enjoy himself and showed Daddy when he got home from work and I found him choosing to play with this several times over the evening!. I need to design a compartmented box now to store them in......

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