Friday, 2 July 2010


This morning I decided to make a start on our little bit of scrap land between the veg patch and the chicken run! It is only a very little area but I have big plans for it!

Firstly Kenzie and Aunty Heather helped pull up what little of the grass we still had, and fed it to the chickens! They thought this was a great treat! Then we cut the "weed barrier fabric" to the correct lengths and weighed down the edges with pebbles. Kenzie loved this job. Filling his bucket with pebbles and pouring them around the edges!
We then lugged the big bags of bark chips in from the boot of the car and emptied them out like big wood mountains! Kenzie helped us to spread it all out by pushing it with his boots, jumping on it and occasionally insisting on using Mummies rake!

Now the base is finished I need to try and sorce some tree stumps or logs for the children to sit on and a nice Cherry Tree to take center place in the middle of the barked area! I am keen on a nice purple leaved tree with pretty blossom, that we can sit under in the summer on our little tree stumps, reading or chatting!
I'm getting quite excited!!
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