Sunday, 25 July 2010


While enjoying the sun this morning, the boys asked for the woodwork set so they could do some building!
Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of wood only some planks so i felt their creativity my be a bit limited....... Silly me!!
Brendan decided to make a Hedgehog and Kenzie chose to make a Caterpillar!

Brendan adding antennae!

Kenzie having a go!  
It was lovely to listen to them developing their ideas as they went along and occasionally i would offer a new item.... like bottle tops or some silks and it would fire up
their imaginations all over again!

Kenzie added some bottle top eyes to his plank!

Brendan added some nail eyes to his plank!

Brendan also added lots of prickles and a raydar (????) to the top and a clamp....... i think it became a bit Abstract Art!

 Kenzie started to make paterns on the nails with silks to decorate the Caterpillar!

A nice happy face on the front!

Lots of colour added!

The finished item! 

I think we are going to have a very pretty garden with these home made decorations! It kept them both very busy and happy for a good hour and we only had one hammered finger!

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