Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sunny Saturdays!

After weeks of rather full and jam packed weekends, we have finally enjoyed a relaxing Saturday!

Starting with our Family nest night! Me and my boys curled up on the sofa bed chatting and cuddling till we fall asleep. Or in Brendan's case...... curled up, playing Sims till Mummy insists it is now the wrong side of midnight and he must say goodnight to Sim world!

After a lovely full nights sleep... (Kenzie not waking me up at silly o'clock for a cuddle, because we are already curled up together) I was woken by my little baby telling me he loved me and kissing my cheek! It's those precious moments we have to learn to hold on to and remember when the day gets a bit trying!

Breakfast for all and a cuppa, followed by a morning of lounging about in PJ's doing very little, Bit more Sims for Brendan, bit of Facebook for me, some Dora for Kenzie. Then checking on the eggs and feeding weeds from the veg patch to the chickens!

Brendan decided we needed to check the Rhubarb as the leaves were looking VERY big! He carefully cut the larger stems with a knife and lopped off the leaves! We found a small aphid problem on some of the smaller newer leaves... so he chopped them off too. We are hoping this will be enough to stop there being a pest problem in our lovely veggie patch!

The boys found a lovely surprise while rummaging through the leaves. A pudgy green Caterpillar!
This time last year we spent weeks collecting cabbage white caterpillars and hatching them in to butterflies. We followed this up with Butterfly paintings, collecting blankets and playing at being caterpillars, eating home made leaves and then curling up in our chrysalis.... and then popping out as a butterfly. This was lovely to watch them act out! I can see we will be re-living last summers fav activity while this little chappy changes!

We brought the little caterpiller in and made him a home in a tupperware pot with clingfilm over the top. we placed some of the leaves he was eating in with him and will be watching him with much interest over the next few weeks!

This afternoon our village held a Beer festival/ funday! So off we went to enjoy the tombolas and fair ground rides! We had BBQ hotdogs and burgers and hooked a duck or two!

The big high light of the afternoon was the giant Hamster balls that people could go in and run around in! Both the boys loved it..... I was very tempted to have a go myself but had run out of money at this point.

The day was then topped off with a visit to my parents! The boys soaked each other with the hose pipe in the garden while I enjoyed catching up with my parents over a nice cup of tea!

Here's hoping for a very relaxing Sunday too!!

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