Sunday, 1 August 2010


Well with the summer holidays in full swing here, we are spending a lot of time in the local woods. This is a great place for the children to just be children! They can run and shout and you hardly ever find yourself saying "no" or "stop!"

We pack up a few bottles of water and some food to keep us going, the dog gets to come along and enjoy some freedom as well. For the most part we have pretty much had the place to ourselves, which means they can run and charge about to their hearts content!

 We build dens and enjoy Dens that others have made already!

  Enjoy the wild fruits!

 Climb trees and find pine cones!

I made up a treasure hunt for the boys to find woodland items and bring them back to me! 
Auntie Georgia scared us all by climbing VERY HIGH up a VERY tall tree!!

 This caused some concern from the worried Nephews down below............. until.......

They decided to try and join her! Up they go!!

Thankfully they didn't get very high so i could relax and let them take a little risk and be adventurous!!!

The learning and fun is endless!.
Then they come home all worn out but happy....... You can't ask for more than that!

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