Saturday, 21 August 2010


After much nagging from the boys we finaly got round to taking them to the local Maize Maze. It's a great place to play and there were several activities set up to do as you went round. The first challenge was to find all 10 clowns and use their stamp to stamp our cards.

Once we had collected all the stamps we made our way to the exit to de-code the pictures in to letters and then work out the hidden word!

 Kenzie helped Brendan by calling out the letters to the pictures, with a bit of help from Daddy!

The boys loved stamping each playing card and leading us round the maze. We had a big flag with us in case we got stuck. The idea being you stand still and wave it like mad over the top of the Maize and someone comes to rescue you! Thanksfully we didn't need to do that!
There were lots of Ladybirds in the Maize which Kenzie enjoyed finding and carrying around with him.

After this Maze we decided to have a drink and a play in the play area. The boys enjoyed some over sized games of Noughts and Crosses and Jenga and also a bounce on the Trampoline and climb on the hay bales!

Soon we headed off to the Fort Maze to find the hiden treasures and count the coloured gems as we went round. At the end you add up each colour and see which gem there were less of. Then you had to dig up that coloured gem from the sandpit and trade it in for a prize!! We had to find Blue Gems!!!!

Brendan enjoyed the feel of the sand and Kenzie was very pleased to find his blue gem!!

 Chocolate coins for a prize! Now that's real treasure!!

We decided to try one last Maze before heading off to look at the animals. this one required you to find the 5 colour stations hidden in side and put a different colour on each of the fingers of one hand!

Once you had a hand of colours you found your way back out again and checked your colour combination on the board. Each combination had a number and each number had a funny task for you to carry out!

I had to pretend to be clashing Cybles together, Brendan had to Howl like a wolf (he wouldn't let me photo this) Daddy had to play Air Guitar and Kenzie had to Waddle like a duck!

                 Daddy Air Guitaring!!                                                                Kenzie Waddling!!

We all had such a lovely day out and at the end of it all we must have been walking about for a good 3 hours or so. Lots of ec

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