Thursday, 19 August 2010


After yesterdays fun we decided to spend another day enjoying Nature! We popped over to a lovely ladies house this morning to gather plums. She has seen a Freecycle request that Aunty Heather had put up, asking for unwanted fruit from trees. The children had a great time picking plums and climbing laders and trees! We came home with a big bag full and there are still hundreds left on the trees! We have promised this lovely lady a jar of homemade jam for her kindness!

We then drove over to the nature resurve to look for Blackberries. We didn't find many but we did come across Elderberries! We found a very cute black, furry caterpiller crossing the path! We also found some sticky weed things. Not sure what they are called but we re-named them Sticky bombs and enjoyed throwing them and making them stick to each other! Lots of fun and laughter! Brendan made a face with them on the back of my top!

We walked to the pond to find frogs but they were all hiding. we did find one in the nettles further up the path though. The kids all wanted a Bulrush to play with so I picked a few!

After a play in the park we went home for some lunch and a rest. the girls had a nap before mummy picked them up and after they went home we took the dog for a walk round the village and looked for more goodies!!
The Church yard was a good place to find Elderberries and a caterpiller that looked just like a stick! He was great. We talked about how he was camoflaged to look like part of the tree so birds wouldn't eat him!
We gathered lots of plums from several trees and also some eating apples. We even found sloes just a few feet from my front door! I have never noticed how much free fruit is on my doorstep. now I have opened my eyes  to it, I am seeing it everywhere!

Washing it all was quite a challenge, Auntie Heather had a good idea and after washing out the bath tub, we filled it with fruit and washed it all under the shower!!

 Then came the job of sorting, bagging and sharing it all out! That took quite a while!
Another  good days work! Now I need to find some great recipies to try out!

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