Wednesday, 18 August 2010


This is a fantastic time of year for enjoying the free foods growing around us. Yesterday I took the children on a Nature walk to collect items for our nature table and also for items we can eventually burn at our Gnome bonfire party at the end of Autumn. The children found some lovely Pine cones and we talked about stringing some of them up to use as a weather predicting tool! We should have taken note of the fact that all the ones we collected were open... as it did rain while we were out!

We found lots of great things. the Teasels were hard to pick but Brendan and Auntie Georgia found a good way of whacking them with a stick to remove the heads without pricking your fingers!

Further in to our walk we came across a loan Apple tree by a horse field. There were some lovely cooking apples growing so we gathered a bag of them! Kenzie enjoyed sitting on Auntie Georgia's shoulders and reaching the apples high up!

After another little walk we found some fun tree's to climb, rocks of flint (which mummy had to lug home) to make flint tools out of, and Blackberries!!


                       LOVELY ROCKS!!!!!

We also found a tree that was full of Shield bugs making baby shield bugs!

The boys also gathered lots of sticks and Auntie Heather found some nice grasses!

Once home and after a nice warm drink... we turned our food findings in to a nice Apple and Blackberry crumble.

I arranged the Nature items in to a vase and wooden bowl and placed it all on the playroom table for the children to explore! Oh and I added a couple of wooden snakes. I can feel Autumn is now just round the corner, the weather is changing and I'm looking forward to gathering some Acorns and Acorn cups!

Tonight while walking the dog with a friend, we found some eating apples. Another bag of goodies for free! Tomorrow we are gathering plums after a successfully request on Freecycle for unwanted fruit from peoples trees!
I am filling my freezer with as much fruit as i can ready for the winter. I feel a bit like a squirrel!

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