Thursday, 26 August 2010


Several of my fave Bloggers have made recent posts on the progress of their veg plots... so I thought I would do the same!

This is the first year we have been seriously growing our own veg. We usually have a couple of Tomato plants which are never great as they get a bit neglected. this year we had a proper veg bed made and imported some good fertile soil! This years Tomatoes have had to be tamed rather a lot as they started to take over the whole bed. Thanks to my sister and Heather for getting them under control for me!

They also donated us a Cucumber plant. I did not think it would produce anything as they were growing theirs in the conservatory and ours was outside. I saw the size of theirs and the cucumbers it was producing and decided nothing would come of our little plant. But this weekend we found a lovely (if not a bit knobbly) Cucumber growing at quite a rate of knots!

The boys herb, which they planted from seed, are doing wonderfully. i should really get in to the habit of using more in my cooking. At the mo it is used by the children to make soups in the outdoor kitchen and to garnish the mud pies. Sometimes they feed the herbs to the chickens and often the very young children in my care like to just pull at it, enjoying the smells and sometimes the tastes!!

We have Potato's which I hope to sample quite soon.... never really sure when to dig them up and some great rainbow carrots. very short and stumpy. most look like they have 2 little legs to them but they are tasty!! the kids love to pull them up! We have a pot of leeks and even some Pumpkins growing this year!! The fruit bushes have done their bit now for the year but the children did enjoy snacking on their fruits while playing in the garden!!
The dwarf beans have done Fantastically  too. so many Beans from them!!

Picking the veg has been a huge hit with all the children that come her and the planting of them was just as much fun. They always arrived in the morning and asked to water their seeds!!
At the moment I can hear the rain pouring down. It has been like this a lot recently so I suspect everything is going to have another growth spurt, just as it did after the last rainy week we had! I watched the silly chickens standing in the down pour earlier and they were soaked when I put them to bed! Silly birds!!

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