Friday, 6 August 2010


Very young looking lee and myself with our boys with Nan. When Nan was still very active and well.

Sadly this week, we have had to say Goodnight and Goodbye to someone very much loved and special to us.
My Nan has been getting weeker and weeker by the day and has held on for longer than any of us expected, but it has come a price. She has been in a lot of pain and has been unable to do anything for herself or even move for weeks now. It's been so sad to watch and we have all been hoping for a peacefull passing for her.
Wednesday evening the phone call came, and whilst we all knew it was for the best its been very hard to except.

I was fortunate to grow up in an extended family. my parents, siblings and Nan. I even remember my Uncle living with us until i was about 5ish! I remember crawling in to bed next to Nanny when I had a bad dream or felt ill. Playing in her dressing table with all her costume jewlery! watching her knitting and playing with the wool and buttons in her button box. I remember bakeing with her and looking back she never weighed anything... just did it all by sight! I remember her jewlery chest that played "raindrops keep falling on my head", her dancing to Glen Miller and being excited when she returned home from holidays! My sisters and I would raid her suitcase for treats that she brought us home and try on her clothes and shoes!

Nan at her 90th last September, with me, my sister Jacky, Bobbie (one of my cousins) and Georgia (my other sister)

These are just a few of the very special memories I have and will always have. I will share them with my boys so that her life lives on in our minds. So many people have said such nice words about her and many will miss her. But all are happy she is finaly free of her failing body and has passed to a better place. To be free and without pain and reunited with her husband and family who passed before her, especially her sister who died a few years ago.
I love you dearly nan and miss you with all my heart!

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