Thursday, 12 August 2010


I'm not sure how many of you out there have come across Ben and holly's little kingdom? My kids love this show and it's one of the TV programs I prefer. It's about fairies and elves and is not the usual high action, fighting cartoons that boys tend to watch.

My eldest really loves this too which I think is great! Not many 8 year old boys would be interested in fairies and elves but |I love the fact my boy still has a lot of innocence about him! We watched some You Tube videos of Waldorf art and crafts and a tutorial for simple needle felting Gnomes caught our eye. We watched  it and Brendan ran off to get our felting kit! We made a Ben Elf (mainly his work) and I made a Holly Fairy! He later made a King Thistle (Holly's dad)

We then needed to create their home so Brendan popped to the playroom and gathered toys and fabric to create a play scape for his new felted friends!!

He said we needed to have their Ladybird friend, Gaston. So I set about making him, while Brendan ran off again, this time to find him a home. This turned out to be the felted toadstool house I made the other week.

It was really lovely to see him planning out his play. He thought back to the episodes he had watched and added new things, like the chicken farm!!

This has now been out a couple of days and both the boys and the children I look after have really enjoyed it! I hear them re-creating episodes from the TV but also creating their own stories for the characters.

Nice to see that sometimes good things can come from that box on the wall!

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