Tuesday, 3 August 2010


This morning I enjoyed a leisurely wake up. Both my boys were at a sleep over with their Aunties and Lee had left for work. It felt very odd to wake naturally and not find a little person snuggled up next to me. Not to hear the boys playing while I had breakfast and to find that the house was as tidy as I had left it the night before, when I woke up!
As lovely as this was, I was very grateful to meet up with my babies and their Aunties at the local fruit picking farm at 10:30am. We met up for a friends daughters Birthday do! Cake and balloons in a lovely natural environment with some play equipment, a sand pit and the added fun of staying on for a bit of fruit picking after!

We had a lovely time at the party and once all the festivities were over we moved on to some fruit picking and bug hunting!! Kenzie found a Ladybird! one of his fave creatures! Brendan found a beautiful yellow snail!

I was very pleased with how well the boys played together. Kenzie is often very keen to play with his big brother, who he adores. Unfortunately though Brendan is not always keen on the attention and this can be very heartbreaking to watch. We try to explain the he sometimes does not feel social (he has Aspergers) and needs his own space.
But today was one of those lovely days when he was happy to be with his little brother and Kenzie lapped up the attention. Brendan needs to lead the play and Kenzie is happy to follow.... most of the time!

Today they decided to make a Ribena wagon. This involved collecting a stack of blue trays and filling them with little containers to collect blackcurrants in. They talked about how they were going to crush them up when they got home to make Ribena. They discussed how much sugar they would need to make it taste nice and how they would add the sugar. They decided melted in some water on the hob, like when we make Lemonade. Brendan also thought we should use his Fructose as it is better for him! It was such a sweet conversation to listen too.

We also collected strawberries. Brendan spent most of his time running through the rows flapping his arms....... I think he was burning off the sugar hit from the Birthday cake! This stopped after he found a swampy puddle and started to throw things in to the "Flood!". Seeing what would float!
Kenzie enjoyed picking the Strawberries... until we both stood in a swampy bit in our sandals and got wet feet!

We also dug up some Carrots! Brendan loves this part so we saved it till last as an incentive to keep going

After our lovely trip to the Fruit Picking Farm we took a trip to see my Lovely Nan. She lived with us when I was growing up and was like a 3rd parent. She is now 90 and sadly Very ill. I don't think she really knew we were there today but I hope she did. I have avoided taking the boys as she looks very gaunt and not at all as I want them to remember her, but I know she says she likes to listen to them so I thought about taking them in hoping she would like to hear them. After a long chat Brendan said he didn't want to go but Kenzie did and he was a very good boy. He took his new fluffy dog toy to show her, I explained she would not open her eyes so maybe we could lay it on the bed touching her arm so she could feel how soft it was. That's exactly what he did when we arrived. It was very sweet.

After that, we got to see the new chicks in the Garden of the home where my Nan lives. They are only a few days old and very cute!!

They are such adorable little things!!!

This evening I decided to try out making a Steiner inspired wool doll which I had seen on another site..... can't remember the name off hand, sorry! I gave it a go and I'm really pleased with the finished item!

Any names for her would be very welcome!!

I do hope that tommorow will be as lovely a day as today. I am off to a local play park and museum with the boys in the morning. They have a kids activity morning all about Codes! Very Brendan!!

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