Sunday, 8 August 2010


Today with a little help from family and my lovely boys, we created a Mud Pie Kitchen!

Kenzie spent the last few weeks at Pre-School last month, mixing up potions and mud pies in the garden. He started to do this at home as well but we really didn't have the stuff to fully engage him in this and it was a little frustrating for him.  After reading a lovely post last week Let the children play , I had been thinking about where I could add this fun space to our garden.

Sunday mornings are Car boot sale day in our little village and i found so may bargains this morning! Lots of very nice wooden items, animals and some beads and buttons. But i also found everything i needed for the Mud Pie Kitchen.All at great prices!
£3 for a jam making pan, £1.40 for a plastic stacking basket thing and one stall was selling everything for 10p!! so i had wooden spoons and forks, little silver cups and plates, a tall pot, a wooden carving to hang on the wall..... it was clearly meant to be!

I am so pleased with how it turned out. Brendan helped hammer things to a piece of wood for the cooker hob buttons and i drew some circles on the wood to make the hob rings!

The boys spent the whole afternoon enjoying this new space and making soups and mud pies. They gathered up the Tomato plant cuttings, stray tomatoes and blueberries that fell from the bush, weeds from the veg bed and anything else they could forage from the garden!

Kenzie practiced some cutting with his scissors cutting up his Tomato plants to put in his soup!!

All this fun for a few pounds!!! Would love to hear about your Mud Pie Kitchens if you have one.... or if you decide to make one!!

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