Tuesday, 10 August 2010


This morning Kenzie and I enjoyed a little bit of work on sorting and counting before the other children arrived to play! Brendan was still in bed so we had some lovely one to one time which he always loves!

We got out the button jar, which i have only recently started to create. I feel every child needs a button jar or box to explore so I have made it one of those jobs I needed to address and this weekend found some lovely buttons at the local Car boot sale.

Kenzie enjoyed pouring them out and looking at the different shapes and sizes. I asked him if he could see any that looked the same and he started to group them in piles.

We talked about BIG buttons and SMALL buttons and looked for the ones that fitted in those categories! After a while he started to build a tower on the rug with the little green wooden beads. He could only get as high as 3 beads before they fell over.

This was getting a little frustrating for him so i place a big flat button under the 1st bead and we managed to make a tower of 5! We very soon became involved in a game of who could build the highest tower and which base was best for the tallest tower building!

A little later on, when everyone had arrived for the day and Brendan was up, Kenzie found the 2 wooden snakes (another car boot bargain from this weekend!) and started to make shapes with them.

"Look Mummy... a Zero!"
He also made a lovely "8" but i didn't get a picture of it sadly.

We then sat on the floor and made as many letters and numbers as we could with them

Lots of numbers!!

K for Kenzie!
S for Snake!

M for Mummy!
C for his best friend Charlie!

We had a lovely time together and it's amazing how much he will remember and  will have learnt. Tomorrow when he wakes up, he is very likely to re-create the same shapes with his snakes and use the buttons in the same way. He loves repetition and re-visiting activities after having a night to sleep on the ideas and fully absorb them!

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