Wednesday, 4 August 2010


I am really enjoying being able to spend a few days with just my boys. I spend so many days with a house full due to childminding that I forget what it's like to just be with my boys and enjoy them, focus on them and be there just for them!
Today has been all about that! The whole day has been about them! From the minute we got up till they went to bed! It's been tiring but so much fun!

We started the day with some Chocolate Brioche's!! Yummy and a real treat as it's not really a Brendan friendly breakfast! We then drove in to the local town to visit a museum that was running a "code braking" session. Brendan is very in to that kind of thing! Unfortunately when we got there we were told the place could not open due to a leak. So we popped to the boys Fave park and and I sat with my cousin trying to come up with an alternative, as her kids wanted to go to the museum too.

We decided on another museum in a town a bit further away. they are running a Gardening week and today's activity was Pot decorating and crazy cress head making! So after lunch we met up at the Museum and the kids had a great time decorating their pots and making their cress heads!

After this, they had a game of tag in the museum garden and burnt off some energy before we went inside. Kenzie loved being "It!" and growled at everyone as he chased them. it was very funny to watch!

Inside we had a  great time in the learning zone! Kenzie did some building! we looked at a man made from wood, looked at the local history of the town and then went upstairs for some fantastic Holographic pictures! I wish we could have taken some pictures but we were not allowed. Some of the pictures not only looked like they were coming out of the wall but they also looked like a mini video clip as you walked past! they were amazing!

 We then moved on to the Romans room. Brendan loves Romans! He likes history in general which will please his Nanny! We learnt how to make an Arch and what they were used for! looked at Roman roads, tried to put together a broken Roman pot and attempted to wear a Toga.... Mummy needed some more practice at this i think!

After a wonderful time we said goodbye to my cousin and the kids as they had to get back and we moved on to the Tudors area! Brendan found the opened up part of the building, showing how it was made, fascinating! it showed the old wattle and dorb! The museum was housed in a Tudor building so they didn't need to reconstruct anything... just take some layers of building away!
 we talked about the foods Tudors ate and what things they would not have had... like ice cream! We also learnt that some new things were introduced to England at that time. Potatoes being one. This reminded us of one of Brendan's Dragon stories  (How to train your Dragon series) which talked about the Potato being brought over from South America!

 The boys sat down for a Tudor meal and dished food up to each other on metal and wooden plates and drank from goblets! We did some jigsaws where we had to dress the Tudor people. the boys wanted to know what Petticoats were..... do people still ware them? I know we did as kids!

After collecting our Cress heads from the garden we decided to stop for dinner at the noddle restaurant down the road!

 Brendan chose his fave meal (other than Fajitas), Duck Pancakes!! Yummy!  Kenzie had Chicken noodles and i had sweet and sour chicken noodles! The boys enjoyed some fun with chop stick and then some colouring while we waited for our food to arrive!
Kenzie loved using his chop sticks! He was so determined to do it and he managed so well!! He even ate the beansprouts and spring onion which normal gets picked out! They both got Chocolate ice lollies for pudding!

On the way home we stopped at the post office and picked up a few parcels! One of which was our lovely Tree house toy we had won on eBay for the bargain price of a tenner!! The boys helped me build it when we got home and they had a great time playing with it while I enjoyed a cuppa and watching them!

Another lovely day and some real quality time with my boys! Doesn't get any better!!

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