Sunday, 29 August 2010


This Bank Holiday weekend we decided to go away. Now as a rule we lead a rather boring life and do not travel much. We have yet to travel outside of the country together and have only had a few trips to Somerset or Manchester with the kids.

Both my man and my boys wanted to see the Big ships at Portsmouth and I had been recommended the same place by a friend not too long ago. So I thought "lets have an adventure!"

So Friday morning we left the house and pets in the safe hands of my sister and her partner and we got in the car and.... well sat in Bank Holiday traffic! Typical!
After a couple of hours we got to our hotel. Brendan had one request of the whole holiday. To stay in a Premier Inn. Because the adverts said they had really comfortable beds! This turned out to be very true! So that's where we stayed.

The first thing we did after we booked in was to have a quick Cuppa and then get back in the car and drive down to SouthSea. We packed in quite a bit that first evening.
The boys have not spent much time on a beach (bad mummy) and when we have been it has been out of season and FREEZING! I have to say this was not one of the hottest days of the year so I did not expect much more than a toe dip..... The boys however ran across the Pebbles and strait in. I managed to get them to take everything off except their pants and then they just threw themselves in the water! So lovely to watch!!

At one point we did notice a big Hovercraft heading our way. Turns out we were next to the Hovercraft dock! The big wave it created gave the kids lots of fun but did knock poor Kenzie off his feet! They loved watching them come in and go back out! Very Impressive to watch!

After the Sea we walked over to the BIG Dinosaur. Not sure why it was there but the kids liked standing under it and looking at it.

We then walked to the "Portsmouth Naval Memorial". We explained to the boys how all the names on the plagues were the names of Navy people who had died. I don't think they really took it in though.

We popped in to the Aquarium and enjoyed seeing all the fish and Sea creatures. The Rays came to say hello and the Carp tried to bite our fingers! We saw Lizards and snakes, Sharks and crabs! Lots of lovely tropical fish! We walked through and under water tunnel which was lovely!

Once we had finished we walked up to the Southsea Castle. We were too late to go but we walked around the area and then took a stroll along the sea front back towards the car park stopping for some dinner on the way!

Everyone slept well that night! We got so much done in such a short time and had so much fun!!
I will share day 2 with you tomorrow!

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