Thursday, 9 September 2010


The temperature has dropped and the mornings are dewy. I even woke to a slight mist the other morning. It will not be long before those true Autumn mornings are upon us, with their crisp, fresh air and low sun! It's such a lovely time of year.
 This week i started to encourage the children to look at the changes around us. Some of the leaves are turning and falling from the trees, the Farmers are harvesting their crops (as are we!) and the warm air is not so warm. We read a couple of lovely Poems about fairies and about the wind and I told them the tail of "The sun and wind!". They loved the idea of the sun and wind having a competition to see who could make the man take his coat off!
We talked about the plants going to sleep, all ready for the winter.

With this in mind we have been enjoying the signs that Autumn is on its way and the children have been keeping a close eye on the conkers, which have started to fall. It looks like they still need a week or so to fully ripen but we are not far away from being able to collect bags full of them on our Nature walks!

Here are some pictures from our recent walk! The last walk I took with my boys in the holidays, last week, before my big boy started back at school and my baby became a full time school boy..... sad moment for mummy :-(

                                                    Yummy fresh apples from the tree!!

Plums too!

Maybe a little sour?


Not quite ready yet unfortunately... but interesting!!

Branch of Conkers!

We have also been harvesting our veg! We have so many Tomatoes, a lovely cucumber (although a bit prickly!) and the leeks are nearly ready. We decided to try out the Potatoes and see how they had done? This was a very exciting moment for all of us. The boys had never seen potatoes coming out of the ground... or in this case a grow bag!

Go on boys........ get your hands in and dig them out!!

Well done!! A Potato!

WOW!!! lots of Potato's!

I hope you are all enjoying the changing seasons as much as we are!

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