Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Apparently Cow poo is VERY funny!!!!
We decided to make the most of the last few summer evenings and take a walk across the fields. The first field we had to cross was full of Mother cows and their calf's. I was a little nervous as we had the dog with us and I didn't want to upset any Mummy cows!! I was also not sure if there was a Daddy cow somewhere in the field as well......

This was a very cute calf we walked past. Both the mummy and baby were very brave and didn't mind us walking past! The boys loved being this close to the cows!!

 What a cutie!!

Some cool Fungi we found! not sure what any of it is but the boys get very excited when they spot any!!

We found a bridge and the boys went looking for Trolls!! Kenzie hid behind his big stick but Brendan was a bit braver and climbed down!

Time to move on.... Brendan decided he would try walking the dog. This was a new thing as Kane is very strong and can pull him over very quickly. But he was a good boy and walked nicely!

Time to play with long evening shaddows!! Lots of fun!!

Some bouncing around and shouting in a big open field! Best place for it!!

Kenzie loved the Thistle down!!

He liked to blow it away and make wishes!!

Time for the very serious business of finding a 4 leafed clover. This has become Brenden's ultimate goal, ever since I gave him my flower press from when I was little. I found one at about his age and had pressed it in there!

Kenzie joined in as well!

Not a 4 leaved lover.... but a 5 leafed Clover!
This was put in the press with mine when we got home!

It was great to have one last evening walk to say Goodbye summer and Hello Autumn!

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