Sunday, 31 October 2010


Earlier this year Kenzie planted several pumpkin seeds and looked after them till they became good plants. We gave a couple to his Grampy to put in his allotment and then planted a few up in pots in our garden. We only managed a small, orange sized pumpkin from our plants and unfortunately the slugs came with the first wet weather and gobbled half of it before we could pick it. Grampies ones though, grew and grew and grew!!!!
We had 3 of the giant Pumpkins and donated 2 of them to friends.

Yesterday we decided to carve our pumpkin. Brendan had many ideas of how it was to look before settling on a design he saw on the Internet. So we sat it on the kitchen table and made a start. The boys were great about scooping out the insides. It took quite a while and Kenzie decided it would be more fun to make a potion with the bits we didn't need!
We even let the chickens enjoy some of the insides as they had enjoyed finishing off the pumpkin that was attacked by the slugs!

I hope you all have a lovely spooky Halloween! 

We are just hoping the rain stops long enough to go out Trick or Treating....

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