Monday, 25 October 2010


It is tradition in our family to gather at mum and dads at this time of year with my sisters and make the Christmas Cakes! it's a really lovely time and something we always did as children. i have such lovely memories of helping mum and nan make the cake each year and mixing it in a HUGE bowl!
We now have to split the finished mixture in to smaller cake tins rather than the huge one we used as a child but the recipes is the same and I am very pleased to see that my children are getting in on the tradition and enjoying this special day as much as I do!
Here are some of the moments from the morning.

Kenzie and Auntie Heather weighing the fruit

Checking the scales are balanced.

Time for the sugar
Oops a bit too much

Time for some spice!

Brendan chopped the cherries

and cracked the eggs!

and  creamed the butter!!

Kenzie squeezed the lemons!

and sieved the flour!

Mummy held the bowl while he mixed all the dry ingredients together!

Time for a big stir now everything has been added!

Then it's time for the Traditional wishing stir. Everyone makes a wish as they take a turn to stir the cake!!

Then in to the cake tins.....

and then for the really fun bit.... licking the spoons and the bowls!!

This is such a lovely time of year and the Christmas preparations are starting!!
it's been lovely sharing these photos with you and looking back at the fun we had!

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