Sunday, 10 October 2010


After stocking up on the basics I have been meaning to introduce my boys to a bit of Waldorf inspired painting.
I bought some really good quality resources. Stockmar watercolours, strong watercolour paper and some decent paint brushes. I saved up some jam jars and today we gave it a whirl!

I can see why the stockmar paints are recommended. They go so far and the colours are so vibrant!! We really have no idea if there are specific ways of doing this style of wet on wet, but after reading a couple of tutorials and watching some videos on YouTube I thought we couldn't go far wrong!

Would love some advice from the more knowledgeable of you out there!! Anyway... these are our attempts from today!

The really nice thing about or time painting, was how calm and relaxed the boys became. They both commented on how peaceful everything was and how nice it was to be painting and quiet! they are very keen to do more of this painting which was lovely to hear!

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