Monday, 4 October 2010


I thought I would share a little bit of what we do when we are not out and about at the weekend! Saturday was a lovely "Chilling day!" and this is how we spent it..............

After the "must do" jobs, of Haircuts and mucking out the chickens, Kenzie and I worked some more on his Homework. He had to take pictures/ draw/ make models etc... of people and places that meant a lot to him and made him feel safe and comforted. So he decided to make peg doll people with photo heads! here are just some of the many he made!

Then it was time for some free play. Brendan and Kenzie decided to have a tea party in the play room with real water. They laid out towels in case they  spilt any and Brendan poured the drinks!

This soon moved on to become Brendans cafe and shop. They Incorporated bits from around the playroom, including the dragon and knights bits we still have out from our Michaelmas celebrations!

After a while the cafe became a "Premier Inn". Brendans Fave place to stay at the moment! He made Kenzie a room to stay in on the sofa. Kenzie enjoyed telling everyone to "Be quiet please! I'm trying to sleep!"

Kenzie ran off to find his play money and came back with a £50 note... apparently this only buys you 5 cups of tea in this place...... not sure I would be going back there!!

After all this pretend food and drink they decided it was time to make real milkshakes... so off to the kitchen they went!

It was my sisters 30th Birthday on Saturday and we were all going over for a Chinese meal and then tea and cake! So the boys made her some lovely 30th Birthday cards!! They worked really hard and chose some lovely stickers. Both the boys did some great writing in them which was very much appreciated by Auntie Jacky!

So this is just a little bit of how we spend some of our more rest full days!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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