Thursday, 30 December 2010


 Well the house is almost back to some sort of calm normality again. We all had a fantastic Christmas and it was spread out over several days with different family members (still one to go!)

Here are some of the Highlights for you!

The boys set up Father Christmas's snack before they went to bed!

Then Santa came to check that the children were all ready for bed before he went on his big journey round the world!

 At about 4am Kenzie woke me to say Father Christmas had been and could he get up. I took him back to bed and managed to get him to settle down to sleep. But he did grab a box from his stocking that had a little boat in it, and cuddled it, saying to me, "look what he brought me Mummy!" So So sweet!!

At a much more acceptable 7am, the boys came in to our room dragging their stockings behind them. They climbed up on to our bed and proceeded to empty them out bit by bit! It's a lovely thing to watch and is a tradition I remember from my childhood. Climbing on to mum and dads bed to show them all the great things Father Christmas had given us!

Pokemon trading... very important!

 Good old cup and ball and wooden spinning tops!!

Then we all went down for some breakfast and to see all the prezzies under the tree! Another exciting thing I remember from my childhood. The gifts were never placed under the tree until we were in bed and it was such an amazing feeling to see them all there in the morning!!

Now that's a very excited boy getting EXACTLY what he asked for!!

I love this picture so much! Brotherly love, saying thank you for each others gifts!!

Daddies fabby Haynes manual Enterprise book! Should you ever need to change a warp core and fix a Transporter!

My Fabby Elemis goodies and adorable Moomin!!

Then it was time to go to Nanny and G-Daddies to enjoy a family Christmas dinner and afternoon!

Auntie's and the boys building gliders!!

My mum and dad!
Kenzie's new Storio from Nanny and G-Daddy!

I hope you all had a fabby Christmas and I look forward to reading all your Christmas and New year blogs!
Thanks for following my little slice of the world!!

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