Friday, 17 December 2010


Well it's coming to the last week before Christmas and we are getting very excited here!

We have been doing all sorts of Christmassy things this past week, despite nasty cold bugs which have meant some children who attend my setting have been off sick and Kenzie has had bad ear ache all week, so has been home with mummy too. Which I have loved! (not the ear ache... but having him home!)

We have been playing with our winter wonderland! It's been great exploring some different animals and "E" has especially liked the Arctic fox!

We made some lovely Christmas cards. This was offered as a tray activity that could be visited as and when a child wanted to. It was a big hit! Used lots and needed regular re-stocking!

We made some yummy mince pies!! Great feed back from parents as well. They were so easy. No cutters and fanciness. We just pushed the pastry in to the cake tin holes and filled them up. then the children added pastry to the top. Each one turned out differently!

 We enjoyed some chalk pictures and snowflake stickers! Lots of creativity going on!! Each one was very individual!


We visited some LOVELY Reindeer that came to the Village sports and social club. They are such beautiful animals and I would really like one as a pet! We enjoyed feeding them and stroking them. We whispered in their ears what we would like for Christmas and hopefully they will let Father Christmas know!

Today we enjoyed a mini Blizzard! Nothing compared to some parts of the country, but snow all the same! We went for a little walk after being stuck home with a poorly Kenzie all week, and the boys had a great time making snow Angels and finding hidden, frozen, puddles under the snow to slide on!

Well that's been our fun week! I'm really looking forward to the last week before Christmas. We have the cake to decorate, the paper chains to make and hang and some stockings to sew!! 

Hope your all enjoying your Pre-Christmas fun!!

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