Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Well the snow came in on Saturday and was set to stay. So we have been making the most of being snowed in!

After reading this fabby post from one of my fave Bloggers I decided to give butter making a go with the boys. Brendan has been asking how to make butter for some time now and this was just what I needed to see to give it a go. I never realised it was so easy! It was also a great use for Brendan's extra energy.

This time of year is hard on any child, all the excitement, parties and party food. But for a child with Autism it can be a real cause of anxiety. The change in routine to such a dramatic extent can cause some serious stress and this tends to show it's self in 2 ways with Brendan. Extreme hyper excitement and bounciness or extreme anger and upset to the point of self harming, head butting, biting, rage, tears and often shutting down completely and falling asleep. The mood swings can change in an instant, be hard to watch and hard to deal with, but this year is going much better than last.

So we put the hyper mood to good use, and after adding double cream and a dash of milk to a jar, i sent him bouncing off round the house shake shake shaking as he went! He was a blur of bouncing!!

Just as he started to tire, the butter started to come together and Kenzie and I finished off the last few minutes of shaking for him! Then came the messy bit. separating the butter milk from the butter and squeezing out excess liquid!


Then it was time for an afternoon snack. Freshly made butter on fresh tiger bread! yummy!!

We also decided to decorate our Christmas cake. The boys had a great time cutting out the marzipan to fit over the cake, blending the joins together and mixing up some Royal Icing!

We had bought some decorations from Tree Barn which we added. The boys did not want to make bits to go on the top.... they just wanted to eat the left over marzipan!

And to really top off a snowy weekend... we needed to play in the snow!!

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