Monday, 31 January 2011


Hi all, I firstly wanted to apologise for my absence, I have had a real roller coaster couple of weeks with personal issues but I am hoping to be back on track and a regular blogger again!

Chinese New Year!!! This is one of my Fave celebrations through the year. There is always so much to do and explore! Last night I set up a Chinese display and exploring corner in the playroom which has been visited a lot today and has started lots of conversations about Chinese culture, food, clothing, and the Chinese new year celebrations!

 I set out a tray activity which involved using chop sticks to pick up small items and place them in to a wooden bowl! This was actually quite tricky and some of the things that I thought would be easy to pick up, turned out to be quite hard! One child actually had a really good natural hold on the chop sticks which I found very impressive as he was only 2!

We also enjoyed a cooking session. We cooked Noodles and egg fried rice for lunch. The children added Soy sauce to their noddles and pretty much everyone enjoyed them. Some even tried to use the chop sticks to eat the noodles! We tried some Lychee, which are on of my favourite fruits and my boys enjoy them too! No body fancied trying them though, after I took the skins off. I think they thought they looked more appetising when they were spikey! One child did lick hers but thats as far as it went! All the more for me then!!

This afternoon Kenzie and I painted a dragon for his Chinese New Year homework. He worked so hard on it and looked at books and a toy dragon to get ideas of what to add to his painting. He chose green and red paint and lots of glitter to make it sparkle! In the morning we are going to add some Silver pen details to the picture to finish it off. He asked me to help him with the wings so I outlined over the top of the bits he had painted and he seemed happy with that!

So that's how we spent the first day of our celebrations.... looking forward to lots more throughout the week!!


  1. Love to see your posts! Did you know you can make great little spinning tops from lychee stones? Cut them in half or cut off the top. Stick half a cocktail stick into the centre of the cut side. Spin with your fingers. Learnt this from family in France - so not Chinese but great fun with the children - see whose works best.

    1. Thank you!! That is such a cool idea. I will definitely try that and I can see many spinning tops being created after Chinese new year dinner!


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