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I hope everything is going well for you all this new year. I always feel the New Year is just the right time for a new start and a new view on things. I could, in reality do this at any time of the year.... but the Christmas period is the one time of year that I have at least a week off work and so does my partner. We spend that time with the family and take things easy! It gives me time to think about the past 12 months and look at the bits of it I have been unhappy, or uncomfortable with and find a way to make this year better! It is quite a good feeling!

New Years Eve we took the boys down to our village pub for a couple of bottles of Appetiser
 The boys are not allowed fizzy drinks so this is a real treat for them and they love the few trips we take there as we don't go to the pub very often.

Can I just point out that Kenzie is NOT drunk in this picture.... but it does make me laugh!!

We then came home and set up the sofa bed for a snuggle night! Pj's on and time to relax! Brendan chose to play a couple of puzzle games on line and Kenzie did his best to stay awake............... which he did till about 10pm, Bless him!

Brendan, Daddy and I saw in the New Year together while Kenzie slept at the bottom of the bed! We watched Big Ben chime and the Fireworks go off along the Thames! We love watching them spin around the London eye! Brendan calls it a Stargate! Sci-fi fans.... can you tell?

Since that day we have spent lots of time together, me and the boys, playing with our new toys and enjoying "Mummy and boy" time, especially as they started back at school on Wednesday :-(

Kenzie set up a cafe and took my order, sounding out each word and writing it down on his paper!

We made dens! The sofa splits in the middle so we could put a clothes horse between the two pieces and then drape the blankets over. Made 2 really neat dens for the boys to play in! The extra cushions and blankets shoved in the table shelves was Brendan's way of blocking out as much light from his half as possible. He was sat in his den with his night vision goggles!!

The boys have found a love for "Angry Birds" on my ipod! This is Brendan's version of the game, made from Lego. The catapult really works and the little green Lego blocks represent the pigs that he has to knock out of the castle. He put little white Lego pieces in the castle and said they were the birds eggs and the birds where trying to save them!

After Kenzie got back from his first day back at school, he asked to do some needle felting. He made "E" (a little boy I look after) a very cute Bunny rabbit with a little bit of help from Mummy. It was so sweet. He even wrapped it up for him and then gave it to him before he went home. "E" was very excited to be given a present and ripped open the tissue paper. He gave his new Bunny a big hug and carried him around until mummy came to pick him up. It was a very sweet and kind moment and I was very proud of his thought for someone else!

We have also had lots and LOTS of Postman Pat and Fireman Sam play! Kenzie has been collecting these sets since last year. This year he has managed to complete his sets and so I have had to be every character and he is Pat or Sam. Pat is his fave at the mo as he is the newest addition. I love listening to him and how his imagination works. The door fell of Pats lorry as we were playing so he said he had to take it to Ted Glens garage to be fixed and to get some more petrol. He then drove his van back to the post office to tell the boss about his broken van.

So that's been our 1st week of the new year! I think it's been a good one. Lots of fun and happy moments!

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