Tuesday, 11 January 2011


So far this week we have had a fun but quite relaxed time! My planning for this week includes some fun art activities, exploring ice and Arctic animals and a bit of baking thrown in for good measure!

I had planed on making some snowmen with the children using paper plates. Monday morning we popped along to the Play bus that visits the village and what were they making........ Paper plate snowmen! Maybe I'm psychic!!!

So we had a fabby time reading stories, choosing some winter stories to take out on loan to enjoy at home and choosing some Elmer books for Kenzies class as this is their topic at the mo!
Whilst walking home the sky was full of Red Kites. They were once almost completely gone form this area but a breeding program and nesting ground was introduced and now they are like pigeons! In fact we see more Kites here than any other birds! Today there were 20 all swooping over us looking for lunch!

We have also had lots of fun exploring the changes in water as it is frozen and de-frosted. We explored some new words, "liquid" and "solid". The children enjoyed building ice towers, trying to warm it up and watch it melt and then helping me re-fill the ice cube tray and putting it in the freezer for the next day! It's amazing how much these little ones take in! We added some Arctic animals to the ice cube play.... and a Penguin.... oh and a Gorilla and Giraffe also came to visit, but decided it was TOO cold!!

The children have had a lovely time weighing out ingredients for Cookies as well. carefully pouring until the needle on the scales touches the right number. They love using the electric mixer to blend all the ingredients together, cracking eggs (and fishing out the bits of shell) then crushing chocolate in a bag with a rolling pin to add to the cookies!

The good thing about cookie dough is we can wrap the dough in clingfilm and then cut off chunks each day to cook. warm fresh cookies in minutes with out the mess! The boys have loved this little treat after school!

Looking forward to the rest of the week and hoping it will be as much fun!!

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