Monday, 28 February 2011


This weeks planning follows on from last week with some fun Garden activities but we have some new visitors!!!
"E" arrived last week asking for Dinosaurs and so some of our play  included the odd prehistoric extra! I like to try and include children's interests when planning my weeks activities and this was a perfect opportunity to to do just that.

This week we have on Offer

Dinosaurs and Pre-historic people in a tree house! Probably not very historically correct but it's fun!!

Play mobile Dinosaur play set complete with VOLCANO!!
Dinosaur stencil pictures!

Duplo Dinosaur and Caveman play set

Play mobile Gardening play set!

 So these are some of the things we have to explore! Lots of small world play which is great for creative Imaginary play! We still have lots of activities out in the garden to enjoy..... should it decide to stop raining for 5 minutes and start acting like it's nearly spring again... rather than the near freezing weather we have had today, grrrrrrr!
We also have the seed planting, which we didn't get round to last week and tomorrow we are looking at St Davids Day. Looking forward to cooking the Welsh cakes after school tomorrow!!

Today did take an unusual twist with the Gardening activities......... we made Mr Potato Heads!!
The little ones have not had these out for months so I thought it would be a nice idea to bring them out as they are loosely connected to the garden....... ok I might be pushing that link a little too far!
We had a great time though.
Mr Potato Head!!

play academy
We Play

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