Sunday, 27 February 2011


I like a tidy house.... I like everything to have a place...... I like to live a minimalistic life......

But none of that happens in reality! So I decided to tackle an area that has been annoying me for some time, and annoying my partner, by the sounds that came from the kitchen the other day when he opened the cupboard and everything fell out!

I pulled everything out and started to fill boxes that I got from the local £1 store! I have this idea that I can find the resources that I need at the drop of a hat! I hope that the organising means this can become a reality!

This is the Cupboard mid blitz.......

This is how everything is stored now it's boxed up. Some are stored on the shelving under the stairs and some on top of the shelving in the play room! I also invested in some fast food containers for the small art and craft items, like the lolly pop sticks and stickers!

Under the stairs  

In playroom

Take away boxes with smaller resources in!

I'm feeling far less cluttered already!!

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